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Development of a state program to support and promote Russian brands

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin at the Sochi forum: It's time to think about the development of a state program to support and promote Russian brands

It's time to think about creating a state program to support and promote Russian brands, said CCI President Sergei Katyrin. Without this, it is difficult to count on good prospects in foreign markets, he said at the session "Russian brands on world markets. Looking into the future "within the framework of the Sochi-2018 investment forum.

"We need strong brands, they give stability to the economy, and in difficult times weaken the impact of the crisis," he commented on his proposal on the sidelines of the forum.

However, today, unfortunately, many even large Russian companies do not undertake to develop strong brands, prefer to save on serious expenses for their creation and promotion, said Sergey Katyrin. And even more so, there are not enough funds for modern marketing technologies, he says, for small and medium-sized Russian businesses that produce modern high-quality products.

Some interesting examples of the promotion of Russian brands in foreign markets are still there, in particular, the Russian IT giant Yandex, but outside of Russia so far the Soviet brands are much more famous: Alenka, Red October, KAMAZ, GAS"…

"Brands of goods and services of new Russia are struggling to foreign markets with great difficulty, the work is carried out separately, it does not have a systematic character, it is hampered by administrative barriers, lack of a full branding infrastructure and support programs ... We lack a state program to support and promote Russian brands" , - said Sergey Katyrin.

It should include, as the head of the federal chamber considers, such issues as the formation of the regulatory and legal framework for the creation and legal protection of brands, the financing and capitalization of brands, the organization of research and educational activities, the inventory of national brands.

Consistency here is simple and clear: strong brands - a strong economy - a strong country, summed up Sergey Katyrin.

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