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Year of Ecology - successes and failures

December 11 (Monday), 12.00, The journalist's house (Nikitsky Blvd, 8a) Fireplace room
Press conference Results of the Year of Ecology - successes and failures To the V All-Russia Congress on Environmental Protection
Viktor Ivanovich Danilov-Danilyan - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Water Problems
Askhat Abdurakhmanichy Kayumov - the head of the environmental center "Dront", a member of the Council of the International Socio-Ecological Union
Ivan Pavlovich Blokov is the director of the Greenpeace Russia program department. Results of the year of ecology - is there any reason for optimism? What does this year look like from the point of view of state environmental policy of the last 20 years?
Last years from the point of view of nature conservation were complicated, and the Year of Ecology was no exception.
On the one hand, there are long-awaited successes:
Withdrawal of a license to develop the Kholodninskoye field, which threatened the contamination of Bakalu. The distance was less than the forest fire that prevented effective fighting against forest fires in recent years.
On the other hand, many hopes did not come true:
A number of important specially protected natural areas were expected to be created. This did not happen.
The expected changes in legislation are not accepted, which will solve environmental problems.
In many regions, a massive protest against dangerous projects takes place, fueled by inaction of regional authorities. These are the projects of Tominsky GOK, incinerators.
The situation with oil spills in remote regions of Russia remains extremely alarming.
What are we approaching the Congress on the Conservation of Nature in Russia? What should be discussed on it and what decisions should be taken? What needs to be done to make Russia take its rightful place in the global environmental protection process? These questions will be answered by experts at the announced press conference.
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