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We still do not have all borders of the regions taken into account

We still do not have accurate and complete information about the borders of the regions of the country: today only 9 percent of the borders of the subjects of the federation are registered in the state register, Russian CCI President Sergey Katyrin stated.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in conjunction with Rosreestr considered interim results of the implementation of the Government's instructions on state registration of the borders of the subjects of the Federation, settlements and territories.

In the case of settlements, the situation is not much better: only 16 percent of the borders are entered in the state register. Less than half of the municipalities are registered, - Sergey Katyrin noted.

The registration process needs to be improved and accelerated, he stressed. The investment climate of our regions also depends on this: it is not always possible to conduct economic activities when you do not understand where the border of one territory begins and where the other starts.

The RF CCI experts developed a draft federal law to improve the mechanism for entering information on the boundaries of settlements and territorial zones into the Unified State Real Estate Register. He will be transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development, the RF Ministry of Construction and the State Duma.

"The bill provides for reducing the time frame for preparing documents for state registration of borders from the current average of three years to about one and a half," says Chamber expert, Chairman of the RF CCI Committee on Entrepreneurship in the real estate economy Alexander Kanshin. - The conduct of land management, that is, the study of land on the ground - in many cases this is an excessive requirement. Today, all municipalities have master plans of their territories and land use and development rules. "

The bill proposes to remove from the land management facilities of the territory of settlements and territorial zones, since it is the preparation of land management documentation that slows down the registration of borders. It also excludes the current duplication of state functions for the collection, systematization and storage of information on the boundaries of settlements and territorial zones. The whole process of preparing the necessary documents is transferred to the electronic format.

According to the estimates of the RF CCI experts, the measures proposed in the draft law will allow reducing the budget costs for financing the works by about two times.

Press Service of the Russian Federation CCI

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