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North Caucasus - the most profitable region for entering the markets of Iran

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Vladimir Padalko: North Caucasus is the most profitable region for entering the markets of Iran

The North Caucasus region is one of the most profitable directions for Russia to move cargoes to Iran through the Caspian Sea, said Vladimir Padalko, vice-president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Vladikavkaz at the international practical conference "The North Caucasus-Iran. History and development prospects ».

To increase bilateral trade and economic cooperation, in which the Russian Federation's CCI actively takes part, Russia is being pushed by economic sanctions imposed on us by Americans and Europeans, the vice president said. In addition, we are attracted by the capacious consumer market of Iran, as well as today's export opportunities of Russia, including the North Caucasus region, he added.

Vladimir Padalko noted that in 2016 the growth of bilateral trade amounted to $ 2.2 billion. At the same time, Russian exports increased by 85%, and imports from Iran - by 13%. In January-September 2017, trade fell to a historic low, it fell by 28% in nine months and amounted to $ 1.2 billion. At the same time, exports decreased by 37%, while imports from Iran increased by 35%.

"Under the pressure of sanctions, we lack, first of all, our own financial reserves for organizing large projects that could fill the trade turnover with more serious figures in the short term, but we should not dramatize this situation," he said, analyzing how to rationally use existing potential and to give cooperation with a sustainable development.

First of all, Russian and Iranian companies should continue work on the creation of joint transport corridors that facilitate the inexpensive and faster delivery of goods from one country to another, explained the vice-president, adding that in particular, Makhachkala colleagues RF CCI recommends intensifying work on development a local seaport with the involvement of investors from Iran. Russian investors need to be more active in participating in tenders for the modernization and construction of Iranian railways, including Resht-Astara, Resht-Anzali, Resht-Sari and others, he added.

Russia can actively participate in the Iranian automobile market if it returns to negotiations with Iranian companies on establishing joint ventures for the market needs of the Islamic Republic of Iran; In all the cooperation chains, North Caucasus enterprises can and should be involved, which will give the region good incomes, Vladimir Padalko believes.

Other promising areas of cooperation: civil aircraft construction, communications, telecommunications, tourism. Vladimir Padalko reminded that there are no navigation systems in Iran, such as the Russian GLONASS.

The Vice-President also stressed that if, within a short period of time, it will be possible to solve the task of certification of our goods, it will open, in the opinion of experts, a way to restructure goods turnover and fill it with new commodity items.

Vladimir Padalko outlined a number of problems. For example, Russian companies can not, for one reason or another, receive the Iranian sign "halal", they can not supply food, medicines, personal hygiene products, etc. to Iran. Perhaps this is not an administrative barrier, but a specific feature of our bilateral cooperation, he said, adding that the issues of mutual settlements, which are carried out primarily between private business firms and companies of the two countries, are also acute, this issue has been repeatedly raised at all levels, but up to is still relevant.

Based on the existing assessments, the vice-president summed up, the RF CCI believes that it is necessary to have a common powerful center for informing and supporting foreign economic activity participants from among small and medium enterprises that can not afford to overcome administrative and other difficulties on their own. One of the executors of this task can be the Russian-Iranian Business Council in cooperation with its main partner in Iran - the Iran-Russian Chamber of Commerce, he said.
Press Service of the Russian Federation CCI

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