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среда, 13 декабря 2017 г.

How to quickly increase the flow of applications in the online store?

Every year, business is changing under the pressure of Internet technologies. How to quickly increase the flow of applications in the online store? How to find offline visitors on the Internet and how to fall in love with them in your company, shop, event? These and other questions can be answered!

Very soon one of the important events from the point of view of marketing will pass. Our colleagues from Expotestdrive invite to the conference #ETDconf "Lida and Sales via MICE and the Internet" on January 17 and 18. The entrance is free.
Get a ticket for free
In addition to us, the conference will be very steep speakers - company directors and professionals from well-known brands. They will talk about how to become a leader in the supercompetitive market, using the combination of MICE, Media and the Internet:

How to remotely manage 3,000 employees
Unisender: With 93 business cards 38 sales without calls and meetings: Email - marketing and participation in events
Etdbox: Cross-marketing. How to increase by 25% conversion on the site and in sales.
Subscribe: How to automate the building of communication with the customer from the first contact to the purchase, warming it up at each stage of the funnel
And a dozen more "how" in various sectors will be disassembled and "spread out on the shelves." Come to our free conference and see for yourself!

The conference takes place at ProMediaTech 2017
An excellent place to establish professional ties, search for suppliers, promote your own services.

The exhibition features:

Exhibition technologies, service and promotion
Visual technologies in advertising
P.O.S.- materials, printing and souvenir products
Internet technologies: telephony, cms, mailing services, etc.

And also, you will receive low-budget chips, gifts from speakers and partners, and a great mood!
Follow the news on the site #ETDCONF

With respect,
Directorate of the exhibition "NIE Journal"

Regarding registration for the conference #ETDconf, call here: 8 (495) 204-27-06 and write to

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