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вторник, 24 октября 2017 г.

Main discussion platform of the chemical complex of Russia

The 5th Moscow International Chemical Forum (MMHF) began its work at Expocentre at the leading industry exhibition Chemistry-2017. The forum was organized by the Russian Chemists' Union and Expocenter.

MMHF is the only discussion platform in Russia where representatives of the chemical complex, relevant ministries and industry associations meet annually. The plenary session of the forum, moderated by the President of the Russian Union of Chemists, Viktor Ivanov, was devoted to the state priorities for the development of the chemical industry in Russia.

The main provisions of the Strategy for the development of the chemical and petrochemical complex for the period until 2030 were presented by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsyb. He stressed the serious contribution of the industry to the development of the country's economy, noting that the Strategy envisages the implementation of about 200 priority investment projects with investments exceeding 1 trillion. rubles.

Sergei Tsyb said that with the aim of removing the investment burden and stimulating investment activity, a large set of measures of state support for the industry was created. According to the data provided by him, in 2016 the volume of state support for the chemical industry amounted to 2.4 billion rubles, for six months of this year it exceeded 2.5 billion rubles. "The strategy calls for an increase in the volume of production of the chemical complex to 6.5 trillion. rubles, "the Deputy Minister pointed out. - By 2030, the share of the chemical industry in the GDP structure of manufacturing industries should reach 2%, now it is 1.4%. "

Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov delivered a report on the raw materials supply and the main directions of the development of oil and gas chemistry. He said that by 2030 the total amount of raw materials sent to petrochemicals should grow almost twofold - to about 44%, and production of large-tonnage polymers should increase 3.2 times. "This will allow us not only to cover our own needs, but also to actively implement the tasks related to the Eurasian community, as part of the creation of a single market for gas, oil and oil products," said Kirill Molodtsov.

As a zone of special attention, he called low-tonnage chemistry, the development of which, of course, requires the support of the state. "In the current situation, the growing interest in oil and gas chemistry will contribute to building the human resources potential of the industry, which will create new products that will be competitive in the world market," the deputy minister believes.

During the plenary session, the prospects for the development of certain branches of the Russian chemical complex were also considered.

MMHF will continue its work. The participants in the round tables and thematic sessions will discuss the development of small-scale chemistry production, the introduction of the national technical regulation of chemicals in Russia, public-private partnership in chemistry and other important topics.

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