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"Expocenter" hosts the forum "Russian software: effective solutions"

The forum "Russian software: effective solutions", opened today in the Expocentre Fairground, is dedicated to the key issues of the development of the domestic IT industry.

It is carried out by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation with the support of the Competence Center for Import Substitution in the ICT field, the Association of Software Developers "Domestic Soft" and JSC "Expocenter".

The Forum was the first in a series of industry preparatory events that preceded the Russian High-Tech Week (RNVT), which will be held April 24-27, 2018 in Expocenter, and will bring together the most significant industry exhibitions, forums and conferences in the field of information technology, telecommunications, navigation and telematics .
The forum participants - representatives of federal authorities, competence centers, leading software companies, entrepreneurs and industry experts - discussed the tasks of promoting Russian software in the framework of the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation", approved by the government.

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"The transition to domestic software in the management of the country is the task of national security," said Vladimir Kononov, the chairman of the RNTT Organizing Committee, the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly, opening the forum. - Strategically important is the use of Russian software in the areas of defense, energy conservation and other areas. In this regard, the relevance of our forum is very high. "
Speaking at the plenary session, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Alexei Sokolov said that the created register of Russian software includes almost four thousand software products in 24 categories. According to him, the share of software purchases from the registry has increased threefold since 2015, from 20% to 64% for the federal authorities and up to 67% for the subjects of the Russian Federation.
Ilya Massukh, Director of the Competence Center for Import Substitution in ICT, spoke in more detail about the state of import substitution of software in Russia.

The senior vice-president, the head of the Risks Block of PJSC Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin, his colleague - senior vice-president of PJSC Sberbank Andrey Khlyzov, the president of the Association "Taizen.Ru" and the vice-president of the Kaspersky Lab Andrey Tikhonov, the director took part in the plenary session. 1C Company Boris Nuraliev, General Director of New Cloud Technologies Dmitry Komissarov, Open Source Company Manager Oleg Surnin, Deputy General Director for Information Technologies, New Product Development FSUE "Mail of Russia" Sergey Emelchenkov.
They shared their experience of implementing Russian office software in federal agencies and state corporations, the practice of creating and implementing competitive domestic solutions in the field of ICT, raised the topic of Internet security of things and other important issues.
The subsequent thematic meeting was devoted to the problems and prospects of the Russian market of automation systems for enterprise management. The forum participants discussed in detail the possibilities of using Russian software products for such systems in large territorial organizations.

Press service of JSC "Expocenter"

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