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A new type of business will appear in Russia

Why do we need a law on the family business, why did not we get rid of excessive inspections and a new bill on self-employed, told the "WG" president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia Sergei Katyrin.
Sergei Nikolaevich, they say, the CCI intends to establish a new type of business in Russia?
Sergei Katyrin: In general, yes. Only this de facto business has existed for a long time, but the law does not. It's about family business.
There are problems. For example, with the Labor Code. This concerns the official registration of children. It is necessary in the law to speak out the rules for opening and registering such a business. Here, too, there are nuances. Family business is also deprived of targeted support of the state, as it does not exist, as it were.
All this is necessary to develop this type of business. Pay attention to it by regional authorities. If these are farms - to allocate land for them. If the trade, atelier and other - helped with the rental of premises. And in general, it is necessary to form a public consciousness that it is prestigious and profitable to engage the whole family in some kind of business. Then we will have real professional dynasties. And the self-employed "in the shadows" will be diminished.
You once said that the CCI defends to the authorities only those interests of business that do not contradict the interests of society. And for what you refused to fight?
Sergei Katyrin: Yes, take at least an epic, when one of the largest entrepreneurs made a proposal to increase the working week to 60 hours. And this contradicts the interests of those who work. We will never support such initiatives. Moreover, we will oppose.
Recently, the deputies discussed the introduction of a progressive scale of income tax. For society - it's kind of good. We will collect more taxes. Your position?
Sergei Katyrin: I think this is a premature step today. May lead to the fact that they will begin to issue large salaries in envelopes. We must first solve the problem of self-employed, and then it will be seen. It's about people who work in the shadow of the state, do not pay taxes. I think a progressive scale will certainly not push them to legalization. According to various estimates, we have between 10 and 20 million self-employed.
And how do you finally get them out of the shadows?
Sergei Katyrin: First, they should not be hurt and not scared. This, by the way, they are afraid most of all, as our polls show. What does it mean? Reduce the bureaucracy: the number of all kinds of papers, checks, conditions. Within reasonable limits, of course.
Secondly, there must be an interest in getting out of the shadow. In one of the "round tables" devoted to self-employed, an entrepreneur who recently legalized participated. I asked him: "What made you do it?" Two reasons, answered. The first. To him, other companies began to offer joint work, this opened up new prospects for the business. And what kind of agreement can there be if it is not a legal entity? The second reason. It's time to expand the business. We must take credit. But just natural persons will not be able to take a sufficient loan to expand their business. All this must be taken into account and create conditions for the exit of the self-employed from the shadow.
Tomorrow is the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the institute of chambers of commerce and industry. It's time to draw attention to issues that have not yet been resolved.
Sergei Katyrin: Yes. We have been conducting non-tax payments for a long time. At last we got the draft law, which was prepared by the Ministry of Finance with our participation. He, I believe, will be discussed in the near future in the State Duma. We would like it to be adopted as soon as possible. Registries will start to conduct these payments locally and in the center. And we will regulate this topic.
Another law on supervisory and supervisory activities is being debated. There are still a lot of flaws in it. The third law - on licensing activities. All of them have a very serious impact on the business climate, on the state of entrepreneurship in Russia.
The next issue that we are very worried about, which we are also working on, is the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union. Now he was introduced to ratification in Russia. But to protect our interests, changes must be made in 48 laws of the Russian Federation. And all this must be done quickly. But so far, in my opinion, we are seriously behind.
There is another theme. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry deals a lot with the organization of exhibitions and fairs. And we have been trying to convince the government for several years that the country needs a law on this type of activity. There are a lot of work here too.
Well, the new law on checks yet. But on the whole, you are happy with the progress?
Sergei Katyrin: No, they are not. Cardinally, the situation has not changed yet. We have 170 types of control and supervision. An incredible amount! In the country for a year passes more than a million inspections.
With planned checks like sorted out. But now 75 percent became unscheduled. The president instructed that not more than 30 percent of them be. I hope, now it will work. But we are also very concerned about their quality. It is necessary to change the mentality of the control and supervisory bodies. They must come with a check to help, and not to nightmare. And to understand that they check those who keep them pays taxes. And we need to introduce a risk-oriented approach. Where there is a great risk to the health and life of people, for the security of the country, one must regularly check. And there, where there is no risk, you can by the documents. And it's time to switch to electronic communication, "not going into the company" and not taking it from work.

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