The adaptation of advertising campaigns for the Russian market

The main goals:

- cost reduction while launching advertising campaigns in the Russian Federation and its regions,
- involvement of local counterparties in the implementation of campaigns and organization of their work,
- adaptation campaigns to the needs of local audiences.

The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):

- expert assessment of the proposed mechanics of the advertising campaign, taking into account regional specifics,
- offer modified and supplemented advertising events to improve the effectiveness of the advertising campaign,
- harmonization of the structure and content of the advertising campaign,
- development and approval of the advertising campaign budget by the Customer and clarification of its efficiency calculation,
- selection of a pool of advertising services and materials providers,
- organization of the process of preparing the launch of an advertising campaign with counterparts and regulatory authorities,
- operational management of the advertising campaign implementation process,
- preparation of reports on the results of the advertising campaign implementation.

Brief description of the case/result:

Object: wholesale-retail trading platform of the sale of products of the category "FRESH".
Market: of retail sales of goods of the "FRESH" category of Samara city.

The list of works which were done:
1) the development of the opening object program,
2) development and harmonization of the participation format of the first person of the region in the object opening and the scheme of its passage,
3) the preparation of the concept of drawing of prizes within the object opening,
4) approval of types of gifts and Souvenirs, their design and control of their production,
5) design and manufacture of POSM,
6) organization of participation in the industry exhibition,
7) preparation of press releases,
8) work with mass media about placement of advertising materials,
9) development of a script to record radio spots,
10) design and placement of outdoor advertising,
11) development of cross-marketing events,
12) development of the company's official website,
13) launching the advertising campaign in online channels.

The main results of the project:

- The event for the object opening was held according to the scenario which was agreed with the Customer with the participation of the first person of the region.
- Daily attendance of the object in the amount up to 2 000 people has been achieved.
- The company was awarded at the industry exhibition as the best innovative project of the region.
- There are achieved targets of the number of leads for the rental of the object areas which were attracted by using advertising channels.
- The company's website is prepared and indexed by Internet search services on time

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