The marketing research

The main goals:

- information support of strategic marketing decision-making at the enterprise: the launching of new products, entering new markets, changing the distribution system, etc.;
- search for new growth points for business, including in unrelated areas relative to the main activity of the company,
- strengthening the company's position in the markets of presence.

 The content of service (approximate, is agreed with the Customer for a specific task):

- global trend analyses in the being studied market,
- macro-analysis of the situation of the industry: statistical analysis, work with customs base, open source analysis, quantitative and qualitative research methods, etc.,
- Prognosis regarding markets tendencies in the long-term and/or medium-term perspective,
- PEST-analysis,
- market segmentation and research consumer preferences,
- supplier market analysis,
- competition analysis, constructing a matrix of strategic groups of competitors,
- analysis of sales channels and effectiveness of them,
- strategies of market promotion,
- key factors of success on markets,
- SWOT‑analysis,
- development of recommendations for the marketing mix for the company.

Brief description of the case/result:

The object: small innovative enterprise producing vibration absorber for the needs of industry (B2B) based on metal rubber.
Market: of vibration absorbers.

List of executed works (the structure of the report):
1) macro analysis of the market of vibration absorbers, building the model of Abel and its 3D visualization,
2) macro-segmentation of market,
3) analysis of the current state of the market of vibration absorbers: capacity, main trends and medium-term forecast,
4) STEP-analysis of market environment,
5) model of 5 forces (Michael Porter),
6) micro-segmentation of the market and assessment of the capacity of the main segments,
7) competition analysis and formation of matrix of strategic competitive groups,
8) identification of key factors of success in the market,
9) analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment of the Customer in the context of marketing mix (4P),
10) SWOT-analysis,
11) the key problem of the organization and its strategy of resolution,
12) conceptual design 4Р,
13) development of marketing plan and sales plan for 8 quarters,
14) preparation of content for advertising materials of the Customer.

Main results of the project:
- New market segments for product realization are revealed.
- A list of potential consumers of the product which make up the "core" of the market is formed.
- The parameters of the product for the identified market needs are specified.
- The system of sales like the structure of working channels in the market has been developed.
- The system of promotion and advertising of the product on the B2B market has been formed.

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