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Qualitative project regimes for the development of the SME sector

To solve problems on development of SME sector quickly and qualitatively it is possible only in a design mode

"To organize systematic work in the regions to support small and medium-sized businesses and reformatting the communication between business and government, we have begun implementing a project approach in the regions. To solve problems on the development of the SME sector quickly and qualitatively is possible only in the project mode, "said State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev at the VII All-Russian Conference" Development of the infrastructure of support for small and medium-sized businesses ".

The Deputy Minister also added that the Ministry of Economic Development is now focused on integrating all elements of SME support within the framework of the project approach in the regions and providing a service approach to business support.

According to him, the systemic approach is conditioned by four objectives of state policy, within the framework of which the Ministry tries to cover the life cycle of a particular small and medium enterprise - involvement, acceleration, efficiency and globalization. "Our task is to make sure that at each stage of development of small and medium-sized businesses, business gets exactly those support tools and services that are necessary for it to become more competitive, increase the volume of products, work with customers and increase profits, - he declared.

The representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade stressed that in the development of small and medium-sized businesses regions and municipalities should take a proactive position. "This direction should be among the main priorities for the governor and his team, as it affects not only the economy, but also the quality of life of citizens and the public environment," added Oleg Fomichev.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has prepared new rules for granting subsidies to the regions for 2018, according to which an obligatory condition for its receipt is the availability of an approved regional project for the development of the SME sector. The main objective of the regional project should be the introduction of a service model to support SMEs. "It is necessary to use the whole arsenal of support measures at all stages of the enterprise's life cycle - from registration to expansion and beyond small forms. That is why in 2018 the main focus of the program of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade will be continued to develop the infrastructure for SME support in the regions, which will subsequently ensure the availability of basic services for entrepreneurs in all regions of the Russian Federation, "Oleg Fomichev stressed.

Project planning for a 3-year period will allow us to see a clear picture of the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region, to ensure the development of regulatory measures to create a favorable business environment, an infrastructure network and affordable financing in tune with the social and economic tasks facing the RF subject.

Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Ruslan Gattarov spoke about the results of the reset of the state support system of business in the Chelyabinsk region, as well as experience in implementing the principle of a single window. According to the vice-governor, the "Territory of Business" presents all the tools that entrepreneurs may need.

Maxim Parshin, Director of the Department for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship and Competition of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, noted the need to increase the number of services for entrepreneurs and their accessibility. "All services must be available in the" one-stop "mode. Their number should be in the millions. Now there are about 200 thousand of them. These volumes need to be multiply multiplied, "he said.

One of the main tools for business financing Maxim Parshin called microfinance organizations, noting that this is a unique support tool. "Often, the micro-entrepreneur has nowhere to get financial support," he said. - We have submitted to the Government a bill on raising the threshold for micro-loans to 5 million rubles. The total capitalization of MFIs for business is 26 billion rubles. And 4.5 trillion. rub. lending to SMEs. We should multiply, if not dozens of times, increase the volume of microfinance assistance through the use of MFIs for our own additional capitalization of credit resources, for example, within the framework of a special product of the SME Bank. "

In the course of the discussion, the main areas of assistance to business were the creation of the principle of "one window", missing institutions and a multiple increase in the number of services offered to entrepreneurs. In addition, during the event, new rules for granting subsidies to regions were announced.

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